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Asked a question last year

What has your company/carrier done for you to increase safety recently?

Where am I?

In Transflo you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Nothing! Drivers drop trailers in bad shape knowing they won’t get in trouble!!

In Marietta term bobtail need to park in their parking area and not take up trailer parking on average bobtail take up seven spaces of trailer parking

They keep us informed to the latest news. 

Weekly updates on shippers and receivers with regard to the Rona.

Drive safely always and always fallow the trafic rules

Masks, cleaners, kept freight moving

The company I work for, (name of company can be reviled in personal email, otherwise it can be considered By moderator as recruiting) beside buying newest trucks equipEd with all kinds of safety systems also did this to encourage safety ....

Weekly Safety Incentive

Lease Operators can earn an additional $.10/mile for all miles earned during the week for safe driving performance. The Weekly Safety Incentive will pay out as an additional settlement line for the week providing there are no preventable claims, preventable accidents or CSA points & citations during the week.


Chad drove 2,396 miles this week. Chad had no claims, accidents or CSA points this week. Chad just added $239.60 to his weekly pay

How is that?

2,396 miles x $.10 = $239.6

Monthly Safety & Performance Incentive

At the end of each 4 week period of the Monthly Incentive (please see schedule for dates), operators that had no preventalbe claims, preventable accidents, CSA points & citations, or service failures during the period will receive the monthly incentive payout.

The Monthly Safety & Performance Incentive has a tiered payout plan from $.10/mile -$.30/mile:

Solo Operators

  • Miles 0-3999 = $.00
  • Miles 4000-5999 = $.10/mile
  • Miles 6000-7999 = $.20/mile
  • Miles 8000+ = $.30/mile

Team OTR Lease Operators

  • Miles 0-7999 = $.00
  • Miles 8000-11999 = $.10/mile
  • Miles 12000-15999 = $.20/mile
  • Miles 16000+ = $.30/mile


Mike drove 2,150 miles for Week 1 of the period; 2,233 for Week 2; 2,567 for Week 3, and 2,342 for Week 4 for a total of 9,292 miles for the 4 Week Monthly Incentive Period. Mike earned a monthly Incentive of $987.60

How is that?
Miles 0-3999 = $.00
Miles 4000-6000 = 2,000 miles at $.10/mile = $200
Miles 6000-8000 = 2,000 miles at $.20/mile = $400
Miles 8000 + = 1,292 miles at $.30/mile = $387.60
Total of $987.60

in my opinion it’s sounds cool..

Let me put the truck in the shop........

Let me operate at my own pace and give plenty of time for on time delivery. 

Collision mitigation system, lane departure warning system and a dash cam

Not much, due to the times when we get back to the yard and when we have to leave the shop is always closed and getting things fixed or even serviced is zero to none.

usually we have a breakdown we ha to call a service truck out. Instead of getting certain things fixed at the yard by our service people .

Hired a new guy to run safety

Always give us update information about ruts and regulations .